Who We Are

RENU Management is an industry leader in Real Estate Acquisition, Disposition, Renovation, and Property Management. We partner with Institutional REITs, Private Equity Funds, Asset Managers, and Regional Investors to manage the entire acquisition process; Buying, Renovating, and Managing Single Family Rental Investments.

Based in Carmel, Indiana, RENU provides fully integrated Real Estate services in 17 Markets and rapidly expanding nationwide. We are one company with a local presence in each market. Our on the ground teams are experts in their local markets and have extensive Real Estate experience. We have helped our clients acquire over $2.9B in US Residential Assets since our start in 2009.

Meet the Team

  • Tom Eggleston


  • Traves Bonwell


Our Local Partners

  • Michael Brock

    Atlanta, GA

  • Dan Noma

    Phoenix, AZ

  • Mark Dimas


  • Warren Cleveland


  • Perry Butler

    Charlotte, NC

  • Pete Dingerson

    Las Vegas, NV

  • Randie Bonwell

    Indianapolis, IN

  • Steve Norton

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Michael Hartman

    Birmingham, AL

  • Michael Mack

    Milwaukee, WI

  • Jonas Vossler

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Ashley Smith

    Nashville, TN