Higher Rents Still Affordable

The headlines of double digit rent increases in California and Miami tend to “fly over” the rest of the US where rents are 4-5% higher in some markets in line with low inflation for fuel, food and other living expenses so are absorbed by Tenants without impacting the demand for home purchases. In fact, a […]

Rent or Buy Your Home

Historically rental houses were dilapidated, yards were unkept, pets destroyed the interior and exterior of the homes where you could never get the fleas and urine removed, the carpets sanitized and the bathrooms free of fungus. That profile has changed abruptly as Invitation Homes, Starwood/Waypointe, Colony, American Homes 4 Rent and others have over-rehabbed to […]

Rental Homes High Teens ROI Investment

A white paper published by the National Rental Home Council reports that 13% of all occupied homes and 37% of the total rental market are single-family homes. We have seen that first statistic reported to be as high as 28% of occupied homes are rentals when attached, townhouses, condos are included. Despite all the news […]

House Prices Even Higher

We have seen the disappearance of negative equity in all but a few remaining MSAs by the artificial increase in home prices caused by the scarcity of supply. Ask any Realtor who will tell you their buying clients dash to each new listing within hours of its MLS posting since an early offer can win […]

Millennials Impact Housing Forecast

With Millennials expected to represent 70% of the work force by 2020, their impact on the work place will be profound from how to engage them in projects and in philantropy, service projects and sustainability. Their impact at home – where they choose to live – will be as profound. A new Redfin survey of […]