RENU has acquired tens of thousands of single-family homes for Investors in fifteen major US cities since 2011. In that time, we have represented the largest Private Equity Funds in the US, as well as Investors who wants to purchase a few rental houses. Although their Capital is quite different, the level of professionalism they expect is similar and smart investing in residential real estate for Cash Flow and Appreciation is the same.

RENU Analytics is a software platform developed by RENU for underwriting the valuation of over 15M houses through a direct data feed from the Multiple Listing Services, along with other information. The system has intelligence that selects the most appropriate comp sales data based on over twenty-five selection criteria that are weighted in importance to insurance accuracy. RENU Analytics has been recognized as the industry-leading powerful technology for residential property valuation by clients and Brokers. In the RENU system, there is no charge for access to the power of the system. Instead, it informs all of the acquisition services delivered by RENU and the local market Brokers who complete each acquisition.

RENU Analytics creates the advantages of accuracy and speed for clients. Once a new listing or change in price is posted, RENU Analytics automatically calculates the recommended Max Bid amount to insure the RENU offer consistently is the first offer received by the Seller’s Agent. As a result, RENU is able to convert the most desirable houses into Pending status, thereby precluding other offers on those houses. During the inspection period, a firm quote is delivered by a general contractor for any needed rehab on the house to recalculate the total cost to eliminate risk to the client from assumptions on costs.

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